Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Apparently Nothing

I continue to drift along trying not to be mental. Always around Christmas time I became more mental than usual. Mumbling on the bus, with all my good intentions I always end with some mental leakage.

I seems to be getting okay passes on my University assignments, though I'm not sure how. Mostly luck I guess. Something I've really taken an interest in is Java serverlets. It took me awhile to get a Java development enviroment and postgreSQL installed on my eeepc, but now I'm all set.

I seems to be a lot of group-work at University, I really hate working in groups.

I must have looked a bit of a clown in Nero coffee shop today. I have holes in my pockets. Firstly, I dropped change into my pockets only for it to fall through my trouser leg bottoms, spilling onto the floor. Then I reached my other pocket to pull-out a stream of paper napkins I'd collected from different coffee shops.

Seriously thinking about a loan to get me to Berlin...maybe.

Happy Christmas, hope you're well. And Cor, don't work too hard !!!

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