Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I've just been for a meal at a local wine bar named 'Balthazar.' There seemed to be lots of activity in Holt. The first I knew was when I came across the Police tape across the road, from one lamp post to another. Apparently, not more than one hour previous, a bank robbery had occured at the Nationwide. Lots of crime scene investigation cars could be seen under the wet dim street lighting.

Well anyway, I'm glad to say that our meal was fantastic. Balthazar was small which added to the pleasant relaxed atmosphere. I hope to return soon. A woman in the wine bar was the main witness to the hooded men robbing the bank and looked quite shaken.

On another note I have been busy breaking my laptop installing Backtrack. Also I've been watching a documentary on John Lennon's killer, and a very good BBC program 'History of satellites.' You can watch them on iplayer if your in the UK :/

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