Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Finally managed to attend a norfolk Amateur Radio meet, thanks to Mark and his brother Simon. They met me in Holt and kindly gave me a lift to Norwich Flying School. Simon had a fairly high spec' radio fitted and on the way to the meeting we listened to one of the many local repeaters, and talked about radio amateur licences. Marks son tagged along also, though I was unsure wether he was actually into radio like his father.

The meeting was fantastic, everyone was friendly and eager. It had the feel of a CCC event. I was introduced to everyone by the Chairman of the club which made me a little embarrassed, though I managed to hide behind my beard, grinning. Simon ordered drinks from the bar, everyone seemed to prefer drinking pints of orange and not alcohol, I had a coke. I've put my name down on the waiting.....yes that's waiting list for the 'Foundation Licence' trainning course. Norwich Amatuer Radio Club is one of the most popular in England.

They have a children's club called 'Bright Sparks' that spent the evening learning how to wire a plug. This was a hands-on activiety that went on in the corner of the room. Some of the kids were asking members different question from their question sheets. Which puts you in a difficilt position if you get it wrong ;) We found this to be funny, being told by one boy that looked to be around 10 years old we had chosen the wrong coloured fuses....No Pressure *HeHe* I shall read the foundation book and return soon... Hopefully next Wednesday.

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