Thursday, January 03, 2008

Low battery

I can't believe I've done bugger all. Now that Christmas is over and my relatives have left, it's back to the usual. I've been doing a little experimentation with a car booster pack and laptop placed inside my rucksack. It's funny walking around mainly because the fan from the booster pack makes a low whirring noise. Unfortunately I hadn't realised when the charge level is low the pack makes a continuous high pitched beeeeeeepppp!

I walked around on a test run errr... walk. The pack wasn't too heavy just manageable. But, when the pack started to beep I thought it was emanating from one of the shop alarms :))) and ignored it. After walking all through the town and actually arriving home I could still hear the beep noise. At one point I thought the noise maybe coming from within my head and tried checking, by placing a figure in each ear. It was only when I arrived home that I realised the source of the noise... Dumb arse!!! Well at least I know now LOL...

It seems to be a day of charging battery...booster pack....PSP..

I got my car going ( Renault Clio not the VW) after being left in the garage for a year. It still works. When I finally take out all the rubbish I'm storing in there I will scrap it. I just can't bear to drive it any longer. Driving just makes me angry. Errr... come to think of it so does most things :/

Maybe I should charge my own battery and get off my lazy arse.... I hope to make it to Norwich tomorrow and ask 'Camriders' about a motorcycle test.

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