Friday, January 18, 2008

Slap a Chav

Read teach yourself PHP in ten minutes on the bus today. I went to the police station to see if I'm being charged with assault. They couldn't find any mention of the incident on their database. I'm sure nothing will come of it but went to the citizen advice just in case. They advised me to visit one of the solicitors on a list they gave me.

I missed meditation class again...I'm always late..Damn it!!! Spent the day sitting in churches and looking in old book shops.

Charles Clark sat near me again in the Forum. I quickly finished my coffee and left before I said something stupid. I'm so fucking depressed and it shows. However I had a great lunch in the Greenhouse where Adrian Ramsay Co-ordinator of the Green Group on Norwich City Council was sitting. After a cup of tea and some food I was feelling a little better.

I walked past an old school friend, Anthony Metcalf. I seem to notice him at least once a year. Every year he is alone. Every year we just walk past each other.

The bus driver home was Mark the 'bus driver/Ham radio' dude. I told him about Wednesday and why I couldn't go to the meeting. He seemed to understand.

I start my Motorcycle training tomorrow.. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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