Friday, January 04, 2008

Good Grief ! ! ! !!"£$%^

I'm the guy quite in the corner. Sometimes I believe you can't see me.

" How did you know I'm a ham radio operator ? "

"I listened to you talking to a passenger once before."

I met a very interesting bus driver today on my journey into Norwich. He's from Cromer but attends the ham radio group at Norwich airport. Because of my interest in computers and electronics, I feel it would be natural to maybe attend some of their meetings.

Shortly after arriving in Norwich I took another bus to the top of Mousehold Heath. I was looking for camriders the motorcycle training people. According to the website they were based within a school in that area. After walking around a bit I found no signs or clues of where it might be. Feeling a little strange I walked into the entrance of the school to ask. The caretaker ( I assume) confirmed I was in the right place but they're not a permanent setup. Hmmm... I wanted to ask them some questions face-face but I guess I'll have to phone.

I walked back to city enjoying the windy weather. It was good to get out and enjoy the fresh air. I took the cathedral route into the city along the riverside pathway. Lots of people there walk their dogs and it was smelling of dog pooo.. At the Cathedral I fired-up my laptop.. then walked the short distance to the Forum.

A wifi network scan from the Cathedral to the Forum pick-up about 50 networks 15 of which had no encryption. How hard is it to spoof MAC / IP.... not very :/
I didn't connect to any of these networks just a firm handshake. Don't you know it's rude to sniff someone when you meet them for the first time :)

I went for a coffee and was surprised to see Charles Clark. I got the idea that only a few people knew who the fuck he was. I sat down with some dude near Mr Clark that looked like Ex-Forces ;)

Managed to make my one coffee last a hour whilst reading about Monkey in the middle attacks on a SSL or TSL connection. ( Do you check digital certificates ? ) Three different sets of people sat with me by the time I decided to go, and Mr Clark was still sat there when I left..

Bumped into Anwar he was off to Maplin to buy Skype. I asked if he had a good Christmas.. But he misheard me and replied," yeah and you too." :/ Anwar Christmas has's now January 2008. LOL

Bus journey home I read the Guardian and about Government failure in their IT projects, which as I learnt from the article is overseen by the QinetiQ people mentioned earlier. Why have they put all this technology in place knowing that it is easily broken and hard to maintain....We're all Doomed I Tell thee..Doooooomed!!!

Made it back to Holt alive, bought crisps and biscuits
Must get fit!!!!
Must get Job!!! yeah!!! thanks charles
Must find a way to live in this fucking stupid cuntry!!!!

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