Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Off The Hook

Went to buy cake in Holt, on the way as I turned my mobile on to find two messages from Thorpe Hamlet police station. Decided to go to Norwich and find-out what was happening. The helpful woman behind the perspex made three phone calls before she could put me in touch with the correct officer. " We shall not be investigating any further." What they should have said was," I'm sorry for troubling you. Here is a book token as a goodwill gesture. Please, continue to hit as many Chavs as you want."

Some dude with tattoos all over his face (not an important detail but true) asked me to roll him a cigarette. I hadn't seen him around before. He said he had been drinking all day and couldn't see properly. I sat beside him and made a roll-up for him. He kept dropping money out of his pocket which I promptly brought to his attention. He introduced himself as 'Red' from the travellers site in Thorpe. One of his friends turned-up with dog started sniffing between my legs. I told him he should stop drinking and left.

I'm looking for new walking boots and I would like a warm double breasted navel coat from the army surplus. They are being sold for 40 UK pounds, that's quite good. Tonight there is a clear night sky with a bright full-moon.

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