Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cut the Jap

It's really hard to choose what CMP modules to take this coming semester. I dropped 'beginner Japanese' in favour of 'Data Structures and Algorithms'. I hope to take Japanese at a later date. Lucky enough I've discovered a way of viewing all the lecture notes for every CMP module online. maybe I can be better prepared.

Been cycling, cooking noodles, throwing stuff away, re-arranging my tiny room.

Sean the new house-mate moved some stuff into his room today. He asked me for a front door key. I gave him mine, I will use the back door instead.

Two uber geeks arrived today to visit Adam. Adam has only ever met them online. They look trust worthy enough...

I've just been downstairs to find no sign of Adam, but found the two 'Welsh computer gamers' having a LAN party in the front room. And why the hell has the fridge been filled with plates of chips dowsed in ketchup ???

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