Saturday, June 21, 2008

Trouser Modifications

Didn't make it in time for meditation class. The thing is, it's almost impossible to meditate properly when people have pissed you off. I find it almost impossible to stay focussed, and I'm becoming less generous everyday.

I was drinking overpriced coffee as usual in the Forum coffee bar today. Two old men sat in the chairs close to me. Seeing that their table had a tray full of cups and plates, one of the men picked the tray up and dumped it onto the table where I was sitting.

I found a £10 book token in my wallet. I wasn't really sure what I could get for ten UK pounds in the way of books. You can buy Hiragana text books for about £8. in the end I bought the BBC Japanese CDs for £15

Thought I would go check-out the canoeing at Whitlingham Outdoor education Centre. After a 20 minute walk out of Norwich I was walking down the small country road towards the centre. On the road I spotted what looked to be a small snake ( it's rare to see snakes in England as they bugger off as soon as they sense you.) Of course it was squashed flat against the road, as a car had run it over.

Down the track there were lots of Dragonfly which is meant to be a sign of good clean water. I stopped by the old Rowing Club sheds and took a moment to sit in the sun listening to the sound of the boats' sails clanging; one of my favourite sounds.

I found Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre. It was pretty impressive, I took some time to sit on the wooden steps to watch the dinghy sailing. When I got-up I heard a ripping sound. I felt behind myself to find a large tear in my trousers exposing my bum cheeks. At this moment one of the staff came-over to ask if I wanted one of their brochures. I took a brochure and asked a few questions about sailing courses hoping he hadn't noticed the tear. In the end I walked back into the city with my fleece tied around my waist.

Finally after an age of trying I managed to get airodump-ng to work properly..YAY!!!

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