Saturday, June 21, 2008

Quacked it

Spent all day downloading stuff. Bicycle Mark recommended DL an episode of Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days tv series. So I'm blaming him *joke* The episode was about a huntsmen spending 30 days with a family of animal rights activists. Of course this is tv with an agenda, though, being slightly paranoid I always wonder if the supposed bad guy is in on the programmes overall message.

I really enjoy reading Bicycle Marks blogg, the only reason I read it is because it's something a friend recommended. The way Mark questions everything and his writing skill is fantastic. I know that's a little creepy but I wish I could take the time to write more eloquently. And really the only reason I write this blogg, is to, try improve on my bad English grammar.

Finally I Kracked my AP with 556745 IVs collected...

I'm using 64-bit WEP ( Wireless Encryption Protocol) it's a protocol that's widely known to be easily broken. It uses an RC4 stream cipher and a checksum of CRC-32.

the IVs ( Initialization Vectors ) are what you need to capture wirelessly in order to quack WEP. It's a 3 byte vector attached to each packet. The IVs are used by the client to authenticate to the AP. Hence capturing as many IVs as possible increases the ability to calculate the Acess Points wireless key.

For a 64-bit WEP key you need about 250,000 IV's. For a 128-bit WEP key 1,500,000.

As of March 13 2006 the standard Wireless Encryption used has been WPA2 ( WI-FI Protected Access ) which maybe used in two different modes. One being, distribute a different key to each user the other a PSK ( pre-shared key.) PSK key consists of 8-63 ASCII characters. WPA also uses RC4 stream ciphering consisting of 128 bit key and a 64-bit IV. WPA prevents replay attacks ( resending known information ) by the use of MIC (Message Integrity Code) by checking for any alterations to the payload.

You do the Math..

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