Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tear it up!!

Caught the bus to Norwich complete with Bo staff... All of the journey was spent talking to an old lady about how rubbish England is. Towards the end of the journey she had told me that all criminals should be hung and there are too many immigrants. What was odd was that she had tears coming from her eyes. Not that she was crying..but like her eyes were malfunctioning. Don't think I said anything to upset her.

Walked around the city drinking coffee waiting for my Yoga and martial art class to begin.

I went into Holt chip shop to ask 'Chipshop Martin' why he doesn't go to Bujinkan Dojo any longer(I was told it was because he had a baby.) He told me his brother got in trouble with the police for fighting and was told he couldn't train any longer. He is now a kickboxer.

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