Friday, June 13, 2008

If Al Gore was to start a hippie dance group, it would be called, 'Al Gore Rhythms' !!!

I just read Bicycle Marks blogg about his recent visit to the killing fields of Cambodia... It has made me think seriously about going to London to demonstrate against George Bush's visit, if only I had the money to get there.

The other day I travelled into Norwich to collect some laptop memory. While I was waiting for the bus home I noticed just how bad my walking boots had gotten. Pfff!! I forgot about the bus and went to the outdoor shop 'Cotswolds'. I hate buying new shoes, I never see anything I like, but settled for a a pair made from pig skin. I feel so guilty buying pig skin, and the leather smell permeates my bedroom reminding me,making me feel ill.

I went to eat noodles at the chinese internet place. There was an old guy with walking stick asking where the toilets were. He was told it was upstairs. Noticing he would have difficulty I offered to help him, but he said he didn't want help. About twenty minutes latter he came back down the steps sitting on his arse. I got-up and tried to help. The woman behind the counter seeing this came rushing-over pretending to give a fuck.

Walking through Anglia Square I noticed my old electronics tutor Fred Wheeler. As I walked past Fred he was crouching down messing with some bags. I called Fred, but he didn't look-up..I called again and still no reply. I decided he was ignoring me so I carried on my merry way..

I'm now waiting for the bus again, and notice and friendly asian guy I use to work with. He is now a bus driver ( Hahaha!!! ok, so I speak to alot of bus drivers :) ). I stood chatting to him about meditation when this other rodent face looking bus worker starts grappling with him. At first I thought ..ok, this is what they do, it's a joke. Then after about half a minute I start to think maybe there is more to this than meets the eye. Eventually they stop, but the gang of school children err... sorry bus drivers take his baseball cap and start throwing it around. I think this guy has had to put-up with this shit for four years without complaint.

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Bicyclemark said...

Ya.. bush needs to be protested all over Europe during his trip. Im annoyed at what seems to be a relaxing of the criticism and pressure against him despite all his crimes and blunders.... even if it meant he only gets impeached on his last day in office.. I want justice.