Sunday, June 15, 2008

Something's Snapped

A couple of weeks ago I dropped my laptop. Ever since, the display hasn't been working. Today I took my little laptop apart piece by piece and finally found one of the wires connecting the motherboard to the screen had snapped. I guess it must have got caught-up with the laptop hinge. I resoldered the wire and also removed the built-in 802.11 G mini pci card ( I never use it.)

I also did some practice in the garden using my bokken. Not interesting but true.

Hope people in japan are ok... I've been trying to follow what little news there is. Nine people have died.


Anonymous said...

"Not interesting but true."

This phrase is copyrighted!

- Karaxoon

Anonymous said...

hahah!!! I knew that would bug you :P

I will stick with," You do the Math !!"