Friday, June 06, 2008

Your Wet!!!

Ill prepared and wearing dirty walking boots with holes in, I went for the interview at UEA. It has rained all day today and my feet were soaking.

I was given a tour of campus by a girl in her third year of Psychosocial Sciences. I remember having to act interested because- of course..I've already seen all places at the University, and there wasn't anything else new to be seen. Bless...

I wasn't happy with the interview. And from the comments made I'm not confident I will get a place. I have to go on Monday and present photocopies of some exam certificates. OK ..what the fuck is plan B going to be :(


Anonymous said...

"And from the comments made I'm not confident I will get a place"

What comments were made?

Will you have to pay for your course?

- Karadoon

Anonymous said...

Well I could just be paranoid, but when he said," have you thought about 'Open University." Or," the guy who usually does the interviews is at a conference in Australia." In my mind he said...You should try Open University because we don't want you..or It's not my fault you're not getting a place, this isn't my usual job.

Also I really should get organazized one day. I have no clue if i will get support in some way...