Thursday, June 19, 2008

Formal dress Code

Eye Spy magazine has an article about 'Feudal Intelligence Gathering.' The article was two pages long and told me that when choosing a legend it should be convincing, and that Japanese wandering priests were called Komuso, and wore baskets on their heads. I learnt nothing new from reading this and I am down by £3.75

Whilst walking through a car park I heard a man speaking to a woman sat in her car. He spoke to her in a way that would have been shouting if they hadn't been in public. " Fucking stop it will you! I care for you." He was being aggressive and in her face. I continued walking and stop out of sight to make sure things were going to be ok. Other people had noticed in the car park, and were also hanging about. After five minutes nothing bad happened so I left to goto Yoga class.

Did the usual intensive stretch exercises and at one point my teacher tried to get us to stand on our heads!! Yeah right!! The class went well. There is always a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

Blade took the Norwich Bujinkan Tai-jutsu Class, I like Blade he seems to be a genuinely nice chap and I enjoyed his teaching. Unfortunately, as you know from reading this blogg I find it hard to like most people, but things have been alittle better of late.

Three things now, about Norwich Bujinkan Class have bothered me. Two of which have originated from one persons attitude. Today it was the fact that I took my jacket and belt off and wore just a t-shirt. Blade was good about it, he wouldn't have said anything apart from a certain person whispering in his ear. The lessons are much more formal than Paul Harpers, and alot of bowing goes on. Is this a good thing ? I'm not so sure. At the end of the lesson they all arranged to meet in the Glasshouse for as they put it, a piss-up.

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