Monday, June 02, 2008

Good Call

The weeks camping in Devon was fun and interesting, in respect to the fact that it rained everyday.

On arriving at the camp site the first thing I noticed was a young boy wearing a t-shirt with the Bujinkan Kanji..Hooorah!!!

Situated near to the coast with a fantastic landscape view, we set-up camp in gusty storm force winds. It was just good to be with family visiting various places within the local area. My father grew-up in Plymouth during the Second world war and was able to give some interesting history of the area. We visited the sailing town of Salcombe and the beach at Hope Cove.

I woke-up today to the sound of the telephone ringing. Expecting bad news(the bank) I answered and was surprised to find it was the University admissions office. They arranged a meeting for me for this Friday.

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