Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ian Curtis

Went to see the film ' Joy Division' today. It was very good and well worth seeing. I was kinda surprised to find I wasn't the only person there. Though the cinema was small there was about eight or nine other people.

The Benn and jerrys has dissappeared from the Chavafields shopping mall...damnn-it. That was the only thing worth going to, in the whole sick minded hell hole, that is Chavfields. Though I spent some time in Borders reading a book on Japanese street slang. The book said chinchin but I have it on good authority that the word is chinpo... you decide.

while sitting in the Forum having coffee I realised there was two youngish looking men in suits talking to a woman, and maybe her son. They seemed to be talking about religion. The woman was saying to them, " I wish I had your faith."

Before my martial Art lesson I ate some noodles at the chinese internet place, then went for a wonder. Down near the cathedral Riverside walk there was some biker dude shouting at people. He seemed a bit pissed off and I noticed he had scared some of the other people. As I walked past I asked if he was ok. He just smiled and said he was a little stoned. We laughed and I carried on my walk.

There is a new Japanese BBQ restaurant called, 'Sakura'. The friendly lady saw me looking, and came out to give me their menu. I said domo arigatou and she laughed replying arigatou.

I didn't go to Yoga this week due to financial reasons. But in Bujinkan lesson we did some sword work.

I got home to find my dad has changed our internet provider. He was charged 50 quid for some muppet calling himself an engineer to install the router. As I suspected I can now get Bicycle Marks website.. maybe Orange have blocked him.. I'm now using BT home Hub..

Off to Devon camping for a week tomorrow....

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