Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I woke to the sound of a seagull outside my window. Stephan, as Chi-chan my friend's wife would say, was warning me that I had twenty minutes to have a shower and catch the bus.

Hanging around outside the shop 'Borders', waiting for them to open, some bloke started to chat to me. He said he was looking for work, and he had just that day finished a two year probation order. I continued to speak with him and began to realise I was giving away personal information way too easily. I wish I could keep my mouth shut sometimes.

Not many people turned-up to clean the Buddhist centre today. And at first it was just me and Suddakani. Though Julian arrived latter. After the usual cleaning and cups of tea, I decided I would return for six o'clock for the Wesak Pujah.

I had a really good lunch at the Greenhouse. I must have timed it just right, as at the end of lunch time my plate was filled with tasty food. I also had tea and a Bakewell tart. I bought an copy of Corporate watch for two squids.

After wondering around for quite some considerable time, I returned to the Buddhist centre for my first ever Pujrah. Wesak is an important date in the Buddhist's calender. I'm told it is to celebrate the Buddha's birth, Enlightenment and Nirvana.

Quite a few people I hadn't met before arrived. Inside the shrine room there was just enough space. The shrine was decorated with yellow flowers, yellow being the colour for Wesak festival..I guess. I knelt listening to the readings and the chanting. It was certainly different and interesting and lasted about one and a half hours. There was also about twenty minutes of 'Mindfulness of Breathing meditation'....Awesome....

After arriving back at home and switching on my PC. I did a netstat -a -b to check for a listening sql port. Only to discover a process running called Kservice.exe. I discovered this is a rather cheeky download sharing service installed by the BBC iplayer.

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