Friday, May 16, 2008

The Destroyer

After a relaxing coffee, soaking up the sun on Cromer sea front. Me and my 6ft Bo staff, travelled to Norwich. Everytime I'm in the street with my Bo people are always asking, what is it ?

I must be crazy. For some reason I decided to take the Yoga lesson at the OAC. The teacher was very friendly. There was three other males including teacher, ten other females. The exercise was intense and I like to think they didn't hold back for the noob. It was one and half hour of sweat and stretching. Rather predictably I let out a rather large fart LOL lucky enough I didn't give a fuck..and nobody was phased.

Then after Yoga I took the two hour Bujinkan lesson. We practiced some rolls and punching. At the end I said to someone," I'm going to kill tomorrow!!!" I got the idea they thought I was literally going to kill.

Later I will be finding it hard to walk..Feel the burn!!

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