Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beard Bother

Got the clippers out and had a go at looking less like a tramp. After doing the best that I could I went to the Doctor's surgery in Kelling.

I thought I might start easing myself back into some running again by doing a combination of running and walking. I find that by keeping your shoulders high you can fill your lungs with air better.

Passing Holt railway I noticed a group of young school children. They had all dressed in 1940's style clothing with gas mask boxes slung over their shoulders. Every so often people in Holt dress like 1940's and relive the wartime. It's mainly because of the steam train and the old war museum and lots of old people.

At the doctors I had arranged an appointment for 2:45. Since it would be some time before then, I walked/ran back into Holt stopping on the way to look at the steam trains and an old style double decker bus. As I was leaving, to continue on, I noticed a air raid siren...I didn't, but it was tempting.

I bought cake and pizza from Byfords, and I'm afraid I started to lose it with people again after someone clipped me with a wing mirror from their 4x4. At home I watched some youtube clips from 'Press Gang'. Press Gang was a shite kids television programme from back in the 80s. The character spike in the clip says, " it's nice to be smart, but smart to be nice." I'm not very smart.

After tea and cake I ran back to the surgery then back to listen to Scott Lockman's podcast about his adventures in Second Life.

Gave mark a call just to catch-up. Haven't been to Narc for a few weeks. He's been having some trouble with his car and he and his family have had to start using the bus. Narc have planned an camp event for 7 th 8th June called 'Radio Active Weekend'. It's billed as:

NARC Radio Active weekend brings all together with informal workshops and demonstrations of all aspects of radio & electronics in a large modern building and 2 field day stations close by (one designed for beginners in contesting) with parking and easy access to full facilities throughout the weekend.

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