Thursday, June 26, 2008

Don't Cry over Spilt Milk

Today the local East Anglia news, reported, that the 110 B-61 Nuclear Warheads housed at RAF Lakenheath, have been removed. The base though called 'RAF' has been operated by the United State's Air Force for 50 years.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Quacked it

Spent all day downloading stuff. Bicycle Mark recommended DL an episode of Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days tv series. So I'm blaming him *joke* The episode was about a huntsmen spending 30 days with a family of animal rights activists. Of course this is tv with an agenda, though, being slightly paranoid I always wonder if the supposed bad guy is in on the programmes overall message.

I really enjoy reading Bicycle Marks blogg, the only reason I read it is because it's something a friend recommended. The way Mark questions everything and his writing skill is fantastic. I know that's a little creepy but I wish I could take the time to write more eloquently. And really the only reason I write this blogg, is to, try improve on my bad English grammar.

Finally I Kracked my AP with 556745 IVs collected...

I'm using 64-bit WEP ( Wireless Encryption Protocol) it's a protocol that's widely known to be easily broken. It uses an RC4 stream cipher and a checksum of CRC-32.

the IVs ( Initialization Vectors ) are what you need to capture wirelessly in order to quack WEP. It's a 3 byte vector attached to each packet. The IVs are used by the client to authenticate to the AP. Hence capturing as many IVs as possible increases the ability to calculate the Acess Points wireless key.

For a 64-bit WEP key you need about 250,000 IV's. For a 128-bit WEP key 1,500,000.

As of March 13 2006 the standard Wireless Encryption used has been WPA2 ( WI-FI Protected Access ) which maybe used in two different modes. One being, distribute a different key to each user the other a PSK ( pre-shared key.) PSK key consists of 8-63 ASCII characters. WPA also uses RC4 stream ciphering consisting of 128 bit key and a 64-bit IV. WPA prevents replay attacks ( resending known information ) by the use of MIC (Message Integrity Code) by checking for any alterations to the payload.

You do the Math..

Trouser Modifications

Didn't make it in time for meditation class. The thing is, it's almost impossible to meditate properly when people have pissed you off. I find it almost impossible to stay focussed, and I'm becoming less generous everyday.

I was drinking overpriced coffee as usual in the Forum coffee bar today. Two old men sat in the chairs close to me. Seeing that their table had a tray full of cups and plates, one of the men picked the tray up and dumped it onto the table where I was sitting.

I found a £10 book token in my wallet. I wasn't really sure what I could get for ten UK pounds in the way of books. You can buy Hiragana text books for about £8. in the end I bought the BBC Japanese CDs for £15

Thought I would go check-out the canoeing at Whitlingham Outdoor education Centre. After a 20 minute walk out of Norwich I was walking down the small country road towards the centre. On the road I spotted what looked to be a small snake ( it's rare to see snakes in England as they bugger off as soon as they sense you.) Of course it was squashed flat against the road, as a car had run it over.

Down the track there were lots of Dragonfly which is meant to be a sign of good clean water. I stopped by the old Rowing Club sheds and took a moment to sit in the sun listening to the sound of the boats' sails clanging; one of my favourite sounds.

I found Whitlingham Outdoor Education Centre. It was pretty impressive, I took some time to sit on the wooden steps to watch the dinghy sailing. When I got-up I heard a ripping sound. I felt behind myself to find a large tear in my trousers exposing my bum cheeks. At this moment one of the staff came-over to ask if I wanted one of their brochures. I took a brochure and asked a few questions about sailing courses hoping he hadn't noticed the tear. In the end I walked back into the city with my fleece tied around my waist.

Finally after an age of trying I managed to get airodump-ng to work properly..YAY!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Formal dress Code

Eye Spy magazine has an article about 'Feudal Intelligence Gathering.' The article was two pages long and told me that when choosing a legend it should be convincing, and that Japanese wandering priests were called Komuso, and wore baskets on their heads. I learnt nothing new from reading this and I am down by £3.75

Whilst walking through a car park I heard a man speaking to a woman sat in her car. He spoke to her in a way that would have been shouting if they hadn't been in public. " Fucking stop it will you! I care for you." He was being aggressive and in her face. I continued walking and stop out of sight to make sure things were going to be ok. Other people had noticed in the car park, and were also hanging about. After five minutes nothing bad happened so I left to goto Yoga class.

Did the usual intensive stretch exercises and at one point my teacher tried to get us to stand on our heads!! Yeah right!! The class went well. There is always a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

Blade took the Norwich Bujinkan Tai-jutsu Class, I like Blade he seems to be a genuinely nice chap and I enjoyed his teaching. Unfortunately, as you know from reading this blogg I find it hard to like most people, but things have been alittle better of late.

Three things now, about Norwich Bujinkan Class have bothered me. Two of which have originated from one persons attitude. Today it was the fact that I took my jacket and belt off and wore just a t-shirt. Blade was good about it, he wouldn't have said anything apart from a certain person whispering in his ear. The lessons are much more formal than Paul Harpers, and alot of bowing goes on. Is this a good thing ? I'm not so sure. At the end of the lesson they all arranged to meet in the Glasshouse for as they put it, a piss-up.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nice Tighty Whities, nerd!

I missed my first bus, made it into town to watch the bus pull away from the bus stop. The next bus took the long scenic route. It was two hours ten minutes to Norwich and there were lots of old people.

Helped clean at the Buddhist centre, and bought a new book...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I've been looking at this website:

which is nice...

At night I watched the whole series of The Inbetweeners' on 4OD. I'm not it's target audience but thought it was good. Kinda like an updateD Adrian Mole.

Mucked about on Second Life with some friends.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Something's Snapped

A couple of weeks ago I dropped my laptop. Ever since, the display hasn't been working. Today I took my little laptop apart piece by piece and finally found one of the wires connecting the motherboard to the screen had snapped. I guess it must have got caught-up with the laptop hinge. I resoldered the wire and also removed the built-in 802.11 G mini pci card ( I never use it.)

I also did some practice in the garden using my bokken. Not interesting but true.

Hope people in japan are ok... I've been trying to follow what little news there is. Nine people have died.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I watched Nasa tv all of today. The Space shuttle Discovery returned today after it's mission to deliver the latest International Space Station's construction 'Kibo', the largest part of a Japanese pressurized Laboratory module also known as 'hope'.

Friday, June 13, 2008

If Al Gore was to start a hippie dance group, it would be called, 'Al Gore Rhythms' !!!

I just read Bicycle Marks blogg about his recent visit to the killing fields of Cambodia... It has made me think seriously about going to London to demonstrate against George Bush's visit, if only I had the money to get there.

The other day I travelled into Norwich to collect some laptop memory. While I was waiting for the bus home I noticed just how bad my walking boots had gotten. Pfff!! I forgot about the bus and went to the outdoor shop 'Cotswolds'. I hate buying new shoes, I never see anything I like, but settled for a a pair made from pig skin. I feel so guilty buying pig skin, and the leather smell permeates my bedroom reminding me,making me feel ill.

I went to eat noodles at the chinese internet place. There was an old guy with walking stick asking where the toilets were. He was told it was upstairs. Noticing he would have difficulty I offered to help him, but he said he didn't want help. About twenty minutes latter he came back down the steps sitting on his arse. I got-up and tried to help. The woman behind the counter seeing this came rushing-over pretending to give a fuck.

Walking through Anglia Square I noticed my old electronics tutor Fred Wheeler. As I walked past Fred he was crouching down messing with some bags. I called Fred, but he didn't look-up..I called again and still no reply. I decided he was ignoring me so I carried on my merry way..

I'm now waiting for the bus again, and notice and friendly asian guy I use to work with. He is now a bus driver ( Hahaha!!! ok, so I speak to alot of bus drivers :) ). I stood chatting to him about meditation when this other rodent face looking bus worker starts grappling with him. At first I thought ..ok, this is what they do, it's a joke. Then after about half a minute I start to think maybe there is more to this than meets the eye. Eventually they stop, but the gang of school children err... sorry bus drivers take his baseball cap and start throwing it around. I think this guy has had to put-up with this shit for four years without complaint.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Damn you marketing people...why the hell can't I go anywhere and not have to hear the song Hotel California and have people try and get me to drink Pimms No1.... and why the fuck has clothing with Japanese kana become fashionable...allright maybe the kana stuff is ok.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Your Wet!!!

Ill prepared and wearing dirty walking boots with holes in, I went for the interview at UEA. It has rained all day today and my feet were soaking.

I was given a tour of campus by a girl in her third year of Psychosocial Sciences. I remember having to act interested because- of course..I've already seen all places at the University, and there wasn't anything else new to be seen. Bless...

I wasn't happy with the interview. And from the comments made I'm not confident I will get a place. I have to go on Monday and present photocopies of some exam certificates. OK ..what the fuck is plan B going to be :(

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tear it up!!

Caught the bus to Norwich complete with Bo staff... All of the journey was spent talking to an old lady about how rubbish England is. Towards the end of the journey she had told me that all criminals should be hung and there are too many immigrants. What was odd was that she had tears coming from her eyes. Not that she was crying..but like her eyes were malfunctioning. Don't think I said anything to upset her.

Walked around the city drinking coffee waiting for my Yoga and martial art class to begin.

I went into Holt chip shop to ask 'Chipshop Martin' why he doesn't go to Bujinkan Dojo any longer(I was told it was because he had a baby.) He told me his brother got in trouble with the police for fighting and was told he couldn't train any longer. He is now a kickboxer.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Good Call

The weeks camping in Devon was fun and interesting, in respect to the fact that it rained everyday.

On arriving at the camp site the first thing I noticed was a young boy wearing a t-shirt with the Bujinkan Kanji..Hooorah!!!

Situated near to the coast with a fantastic landscape view, we set-up camp in gusty storm force winds. It was just good to be with family visiting various places within the local area. My father grew-up in Plymouth during the Second world war and was able to give some interesting history of the area. We visited the sailing town of Salcombe and the beach at Hope Cove.

I woke-up today to the sound of the telephone ringing. Expecting bad news(the bank) I answered and was surprised to find it was the University admissions office. They arranged a meeting for me for this Friday.