Saturday, November 26, 2011

Light Entertainment

Lei and I travelled on the 2 o'clock bus to Sheringham. When we arrived we noticed one or two people dressed in costume. Sheringham bus-stop had been turned into a 'Santa's grotto'. A small stage had been erected outside the theatre-house. After a short stroll to look at the sea we returned to find actors from this years pantomime on the small stage, singing. A woman was stood infront doing Poi with fire. We watched the singing and entertainment for a while... The baddie character from the patomime was singing a Lady-Ga-ga song. After three attempted to switch on the Christmas lights.. (I'm still unsure if that was on purpose) we walked along the sea-front, then caught the bus to Holt.

Walked around Holt viewing yet more, Christmas lights and Christams trees. Lei and I walked to my parents house, unfortunately they were still visiting my sister. My parents never arrived home. We slept in the conservatory where we could watch the stars.


Anonymous said...

More bloggin', less floggin' please. How are you? How was xmas? How is uni etc.?


Bigm000 said...

Good Thanks - quite busy at the moment. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

Bigm000 said...

I thought I saw you on Prince of Whales road last night - sat eating in the kebab shop. But actually evidence says you were in Shinjuku... wherever that is ?

Mo0o0o0oooooooo !!!