Monday, April 27, 2009

To Right a Write

Spent two hours with Robert doing calculus. It was strange, he made me stand writing the functions on the whiteboard. After awhile I started to think I was a teacher, standing with one hand in my pocket pen in the other. Great fun, I love maths when I understand what's going on. I kept making conversation with Robert, I somehow felt obliged since I was stealing so much maths from him. It's his job to be learning support, though that's no reason to treat him like a maths robot. After the two hours had finished we spoke about art and science and how they may interrelate.

I caught the smiling terrorist woman on her way down the steps. She's actually quite sweet, she said something about camping, and how we haven't got any tap water. I couldn't understand what she was saying and nodded in agreement. I think she might be South African, I hope not.

Still no water. I haven't been able to flush my bog, It stinks to high heaven !!! A bit like Prince of Whales Street :)) Hhaahah!!!

Was just about to go sneak into the Sportspark and have another shower. As I left the building I could smell the smell of cleanliness like someone who had just showered. I checked the tap, yes !!! We have water, let's not stink anymore !!!

I'm leaving jars of honey dotted about the place, in the hope of making people interested in honey and bees. SAVE THE HONEY BEE !!!

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