Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just Like Magic

Received an encouraging message through Facebook today. It was from Miyuki, that's cheered me up no-end. I haven't seen Miyuki for awhile now.

I'm not sure if I was allowed but I made another appointment to see Robert the maths man. Tomorrow I will try steal more maths from him..

Sat in Norwich Cathedral's cloisters doing some maths. I was thinking it would be the ideal place to work. No !! I forgot, there's building work, and a group of mothers sat on the cloisters garth singing nursery rhymes playing the guitar. I thought about going over to them and shouting at them to SHUT-UP!! But that would just be wrong,(Heh_just kidding) actually the woman had a rather pleasant singing voice. As I got-up to leave I noticed the guy from the Greenhouse cafe. He said hello and explained he was showing a visiting friend the tourist sites of Norwich.

Walking back to the bus stop I recognised many people mainly involved with the Greenparty. When I finally arrived at the bus stop I was pleasantly surprised to see Miyuki waiting. On the bus journey home Miyuki talked about her dissertation she has yet to write. I tried to engage her in conversation and be interesting (though I know I'm not.) Miyuki kept yawning, I like to think it's because she was tired.

I really don't know what Japanese people are thinking. I'm sure they sometimes say one thing, but secretly mean something else. More through being polite, and not offending, probably.

I've had a crik in my neck all day, as a consequence, a blind spot on my left side makes me keep bashing my face into doors.

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