Friday, April 24, 2009

Out of Time

Such a miserable day. The weather is fantastic but I'm so miserable. Collected some coursework from the CMP department. I then went to Norwich library to do some revision. As I entered the Forum library a woman with a clipboard asked me if I had some spare time to answer questions. I ignored her and continued to walk. I could here her as I walked away telling me how rude I was. Maybe I could have had her arrested for harassment ? Didn't get much done so I came back to my room, my face was looking like a slapped fish. On the way out from the library either the same woman or another tried to stop me again. Nobody speaks to me unless they want something, why can't they just fuck-off and leave me alone.

Watched some Seinfeld then went back to bed. I thought I could kill a few hours of my worthless life, but woke only after one hour. I'm just sitting here staring into space. Obviously if I had cake maybe things would be different. I'm so old and can't see any point...

I'm feeling provoked by strange forces and coincidence. This one person who I noticed recently. I googled his home address last night using google maps. This morning he cycled past the bus I was on at least three times, and seemed to be at every corner I turned. This sort of stuff happens a lot to me, I keep telling myself it's coincidence. But wtf ? I can't help think there must be something more to it.

I broke into the emergency ration of tea today. I've had a packet of Oolong tea stored away for some time now. It's really quite nice, wish I had bothered to try it earlier.

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