Thursday, April 23, 2009

Maths' Mountain

Went for my 11 a.m. appointment to go see the math dude. I got 'one to one' tuition for two hours on derivatives. It was amazing, really enjoyed it. Robert, the guy who was teaching gave loads of encouragement. I really don't like asking questions, and think I should learn stuff by myself. So, so, wrong !!! Robert's office was a tiny room with no windows, and a white board on the wall. I joked about his office not having any windows, and it being a bright sunny day outside. I think he saw the funny side, though I'm not so sure.

After, I went to the coffee shop to do further derivatives from the worksheet Robert had given me. Then back to University to meet Steve. We sat in the kitchen doing yet more maths. After some time, we went outside into the sun to chuck a Frisbee around. I've had this fucking Frisbee ages, and only used it once. And even then it was when my niece chucked it straight at my nephew's head. Yes, he cried...

I let Steve use my computer to scan some letters and send email. He then proceeded to look at some FHM style model pictures. Not my cup of tea. Then he was looking at porn of Japanese women, I was slightly fucking angry, and told him I was offended. He said sorry, and went home. There's no problem, and I didn't make a big thing of it. We might start meeting-up to go running and possibly some climbing... it might happen.

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