Monday, March 02, 2009

Shine like the Sun

Such a good day, the weather has been beautiful. Bumped into Yuko today on the way to my lecture. I was so happy, I haven't seen Yuko in a long while. She showed me some great pictures she had taken, of the Crocuses in Earlham Park.

In my lecture we were supposed to be discussing a technical paper, the conversation went wildly off topic, as they started to discuss religion and science. I just sat grinning to myself, I was having such a good day...

Back at the flat, maintenance had been fixing door handles. Shawn had been cooking in the kitchen, when he returned to his room, he discovered they had finished and locked his door along with his room key inside. I had to lend him some trainers so he could walk down to the security lodge. He invited me to go out tomorrow to the L.C.R. it's not really my thing. We also talked about getting a house sorted for next year.

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