Thursday, March 05, 2009

Pretty Rain CLoud Friend

Up with a shower then cup-a-tea in time for C++ lecture. We did basic C++ functions. Passing by value, passing by reference. In the lecture things were explained in a simple manner, it's good not get bogged down with complexity. Sometimes functions and pointers become confusing. There's no need to think of it as memory address space at this level, just say 'pass by value.'

The weather was turning-out nice again so I went for a walk in Earlham Park. Stopped to do some meditation in the garden. Just then, I felt light rain on my face, looking up I saw a fluffy rain cloud. The rain was quite pleasant, and I knew it would soon pass by. It is right to give praise; I thank-you 'Pretty Rain Cloud' it means more to me than you know. I hope I see you again soon..Hheh_wtf ? WWww

Keep getting the day wrong, for some reason I thought it was Friday. I caught the bus into town to go to the Buddhist centre. Oh Yeah, it's Thursday !! Fuck it !! I'll just wonder around for a bit, then come back to campus.

Spent the rest of the day in the Lab, messing with C++ functions...

The past couple of days have been a mixture of great joy and unsurprising hopelessness.

All harsh language in this text is purely for effect, and does not accuretly reflect the true feelings of contributer_

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