Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lookin the other Way

Before I met-up with mum, I sat drinking coffee in the Forum (surprise) I have to read a sixteen page paper about `haptics'. The more I read about haptics the angrier I feel; think I managed to read two pages before I gave-up.

Norwich Stop the War were doing a vigil outside, I did a pretty good job of ignoring them.

Mum took me to the Greenhouse for lunch, as always the people were top notch. It's always a pleasure to find solace there, away from the crowds of shoppers. If you have friends it's the best place you can take them to.( I nearly got into a fight (surprise)

Later when it had gotten dark, I was walking back to Constable Terrace. I noticed the rabbits suddenly start to run away from the trees. It made me think someone was in woods. Then with the sound of smashing glass three chavs on bicycles came careering down the road. It was too late to find a brick and chuck it at them. Like the Alan Partridge I am, I went to the security lodge to report them, in the vain hope they would catch hold of them and presumably drown them in the river.

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