Thursday, February 03, 2011

Gypsy the Dog

Unsurprisingly I've been so so lazy. Went to visit my mother in hospital. She seemed better today after the previous night being sick, a reaction to the anesthesia. On the way back to U.E.A I chanced upon a man laying on his back across the pathway. As I approached him he looked to have pissed himself. Someone previously cycled past him and gave a glancing look. I started to quiz the piss stained man without much success. He had a worn face, his lips had white puss and he smelt of drink. He tried to explain that someone had stolen his dog Gypsy. Can I find it for him ? eh, what ? After determining that he was just drunk I turned and walked away. As I walked away he was shouting TWAT !!! YOU CUNT !! An ambulance had stopped and asked me if he was okay. I indicated that he was drunk and they drove away. Hope he's not dead, still, I can't say I that bothered.

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